I received the pipe today and I am very happy with it! It is going to make a great addition to my collection. It’s a beautiful piece of art…Thanks again for the great pipe…[Concerning my Basic Pipe & Tobacco Care Guide] I just read your pipe care attachment and it is very well put together. I wish I would of had it in the first six months as a new pipe smoker.  — Brian H., Independence, KY, who snatched up a Knute of Denmark Danish freehand the morning after I posted it for sale
Just received them in the mail and they are beautiful.  Thanks again, I am on a fixed income (retired) and this is the only way I could ever afford quality pipes.  The restoration on these is amazing, they look like new pipes.  Especially when I look at the [before] pictures of the Bjarne,  whoever had that pipe obviously had enjoyed it very much.  Again, thanks…Beautiful restorations and a good guy to do business with. — Jim S., Stewart, TN, who found a Bjarne Handmade Danish freehand and came back for more to add a Savinelli Oscar 515KS 4-Panel sitter to his collection
It looks brand new!  Fired it up with some  Old Dark Fired and smoked my first Peterson...Love it! I look forward to future business…Enjoying the heck out of [this pipe].  —  Jim. S., Stewart, TN, who bought a black sandblasted K&P Peterson System Standard
My only decision with it now is if I am going to give it’s first run with  Red Raparee  or  Exotique  — the kind of dilemma I enjoy.   I like everything about the pipe, size, shape, chunky stem and open draw but I really love that stain!  Overall — a real charmer.  Thanks for your willingness to part with it — it was very generous.—  David D., Rising Fawn, GA, who bought a WDC Full-Bent Gold Band Billiard 
Just a note to let you know the pipe arrived today in perfect condition.  It’s everything I hoped it would be — fits my hand perfectly and it’s the sort of size I like!!  Even the psuedo p-lip (I have another pipe like that)!  Beautiful pipe.  Smokes very well… Many thanks indeed!! — Dallas H., Vancouver, BC, CANADA, who ordered an Italian No-Name sandblast/natural mix of exceptional beauty, in the Peterson System style
I received the pipe today and it looks fantastic!  Many thanks! — Daniel P., Scottsdale, AZ, who sent me a gorgeous big round and thick bowled Ropp Natural Cherrywood #815 he bought online for cleaning.  The key to the lock box where the package was placed was put in someone else’s PO Box, and that scoundrel absconded with it.  As Daniel had prepaid the cleaning fee, and although I was not responsible for the Postal error, I felt the right thing to do was offer Daniel a similar but somewhat nicer Ropp of the same style for $5 more.  The deal worked out well, and I saved a potential future customer.

I smoked it for the first time last night.  Seeing as it was already "broken in" before, I skipped the first few smokes using an appropriate "caking blend" (straight Virginias) and went straight to the smokey Latakia-heavy full English blends I love so much in large pipes, and it smoked just beautifully.  Wonderful pipe, will be a part of my regular rotation...    This will join a number of other XL and 'Giant' pipes in my collection, I'm a big fan of them!  Anderson V., Concord, CA, who snapped up a Ben Wade English made giant rusticated billiard hours after it was posted.
 I picked up the amazing Pipe Humidor/Pipe Rack Box this morning and I’m so thankful to you for this beautiful piece of history. It’s something I will use and cherish forever. Please let me know when you have anything that is old and as awesome as it again. — Ken G., Kearns, UT, who bought the Mid-20th Century Desktop Pipe Rack/Humidor